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Campsite Quinta do Porto.
The mini camp is closed as camping and is for sale.

This authentic Quinta (Estate) you can transforme it into a beautiful natural quiet campsite.

You have many possibilities here to realize a 3 star campsite with 50 places about 1.8 Ha.

Construction drawings have already been made for this and have been approved by the municipality in the past and a European subsidy was granted for this.
All this needs to be applied for again.
Also a new toilet group has to be built according to the drawings or according to own design there is no toilet building anymore present this is destroyed with the fire in October 2017.



House for sale

portugal land for sale

Here you could relax, enjoy the peace, the Portuguese culture and beautiful nature which invites for a nice walk.

The site is in the "green heart" of Portugal "the Beiras in the base of the natural area" Serra da Estrela "ideal for a trip through Portugal.
The site is in an olive grove just outside the quiet village Brejo (Sinde) near the town Tábua.

There, where nature at its best and even in its mild winter temperatures continue to stay.

The camp was affiliated with svr, ANWB, ACSI and camping guide and led by the owners, Family Bleeker


Campsite for sale

Campsite for sale portugal